Core Strength

I don’t believe the popularity of yoga comes as much of a surprise to any of us. It is a practice that has yielded centered results for millennia. Of course, the introduction of aerobics to the age-old notion may be something uniquely American. That it becomes something of a new religion should not be surprising. I believe we look to these things when we begin to feel something missing.

It is an especially important time to take stock as we head to the year-end. For many of us, the things we have held constant for years have begun to shift. Our economy teeters. Retirement accounts that seemed like unbreakable nest eggs have fallen to earth with a deafening crash. Our sense of well being as a community has been shaken to its core and a redefinition of our priorities has caused us both concern and celebration. Perhaps this is an opportunity for our core values to increase at a time when it would seem that the value of most things previously held dear declines.

This inverse relationship comes as no accident. As we become more mindful of the parts of our life that hold the most meaning, the currency of what we thought we needed becomes less dear. As we stretch beyond what seems reasonable, we are able to ascertain the value of what lies beyond what we thought necessary. Increasing the blood flow to our most inner workings assigns a value and belief in their strength and grace, attributes that will carry us into the future. It really is simple, just not easy, to begin to let go of our complexities. As we inhale and exhale, a natural rhythm is restored. It is a peace we may need going forward in a time when events of the world catapult us into a place we have visited before and had hoped not to return.

I urge you to take a deep breath. We must look to ourselves to discover what will make a difference when everything seems the same.